Case Studies

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Dynamic Team Sports

The problem


Dynamic Team Sports, based in Downington PA, has a successful business selling jerseys and uniforms through sporting goods dealers to schools, camps and communities across the country. The base business offers teams a choice of tops and bottoms in several styles and colors, across various sports categories, like basketball, baseball, softball, soccer, volleyball and lacrosse.

In 1998, Dynamic saw an opportunity to extend its business to custom designs, whereby teams could select their jerseys with unique colors and patterns, and get their team logos and member numbers dyed directly into the fabric. Dynamic bought a Canadian company that had mastered the custom production process. But they knew that custom orders would require higher customer service levels than either Dynamic or the Canadian manufacturer could deliver. Sports teams need to be sure that their uniforms will arrive in time for their season openers. In short, Dynamic had to both control the manufacturing process and communicate to customers the status of their orders at any stage.

The solution

ComputerCare was called in to install a CAMS™ system in the Canadian plant. The software allows the company to monitor every element of the jersey manufacturing process: cutting, art development, art transfer, sewing, and shipping. The ComputerCare team installed PCs equipped with bar code scanners on the shop floor, which keep track of goods as they pass from station to station. The system not only records the arrival and departure of goods at each station, it also forecasts when items will go out the door.

The Result

Dynamic’s custom jersey business is booming. Dynamic now knows the status of each order and is able to keep a keen eye on trouble spots, which prevents production bottlenecks. The company can tell each customer the exact delivery date of every order. Their next step? Dynamic now plans to integrate the CAMS™ system with its website, which will allow customers to track their orders themselves, online. No more worries about whether those jerseys will arrive on time for the opening game!”