Case Studies

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Betsy & Adam

The problem


In 1997, when Michael Sklar joined his father’s apparel business, he walked into a productivity nightmare. The place was running on outdated processes, with next to no automation or modern systems. So he brought in ComputerCare’s CAMS™ system to run ERP at Betsy & Adam.
As the company grew, so did Michael’s need for additional help from the CAMS™ system. A while back, Michael realized that while CAMS™ doing a fine job of running the inventory and reporting, the real decision-making at Betsy & Adam was being managed via Excel spreadsheets. So he asked ComputerCare how data could flow from CAMS™ to Excel and back.

The solution

A customization project was undertaken to enable seamless import and export, saving the company thousands of dollars and days of inefficient data transcription activity. The system also triggers email notification to the relevant managers, with the updated spreadsheet attached, to alert them to the change.

The Result

“What used to take us days and weeks of work, we do now in 5 minutes,” says Michael. “We have rolled the solution out to every department in our business, from finished goods inventory, to piece goods inventory, open order reports and—most important—gross profit reports. Our managers are now really able to stay on top of their pieces of the business. It’s a godsend.”

Fueled by Michael’s knack for continuous innovation in his company processes, Betsy & Adam has grown to eight times the size they were when he joined the business. And CAMS™ has been there every step of the way. “It’s amazing to me,” says Michael, “that a single system has been able to support all our needs as we grew.”