CAMS™ has launched on our newly updated, robust Cloud. You no longer need an on-site server to have CAMS™ software run your apparel business; we can help you grow your business on the Cloud from anywhere, at any time, from any internet-connected device. Contact us for details.

Our Solutions

wmsWMS – Apparel Warehouse Management System

CAMS™ supports your business whether you’re just starting out with one warehouse or partnering with large scale 3PL organizations. Our sophisticated, flexible allocation process creates pick tickets based on multiple factors. Track outbound shipments from directed picking through shipping documents to the ultimate destination. Easily manage inventory and minimize cost and fulfillment times with our trusted warehouse apparel software.

Manage your own warehouse(s)

  • Create picking waves
  • Auto-creation of cartons and UCC-128 barcode labels
  • Complete integration with small package carriers (UPS, FedEx, DHL)
  • Outbound routing services
  • Create bill of ladings and manifests
  • Bin location systems
  • Wireless scanners

Manage 3PL organization(s)

  • Transmit printed forms or EDI documents to 3PL
  • Exception reporting for delivery window concerns
  • Seamless integration with outbound delivery documents
  • Auto-generate ASN’s and invoices based on receipt of 3PL completed transactions
  • Reconcile CAMS™ finished goods inventory with 3PL inventory
  • Exception reporting for errors


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