CAMS™ has launched on our newly updated, robust Cloud. You no longer need an on-site server to have CAMS™ software run your apparel business; we can help you grow your business on the Cloud from anywhere, at any time, from any internet-connected device. Contact us for details.

Our Solutions

erpApparel ERP Software – Enterprise Resource Planning

Process customer orders from multiple sources; easily generate production orders based on sales, inventory and delivery requirements. Our time-tested fashion ERP system tracks all your business resources—cash, raw materials, production capacity—and the status of your business commitments all in one place. You can share data across the various departments so your organization runs smoothly.

  • CAMS™ supports multiple companies, divisions and locations
  • Security based on user level for specified menus and/or applications
  • Process orders from multiple sources – manual, web, EDI
  • Manage finished goods inventories across multiple warehouses
  • Generate pick tickets to your warehouse(s) or 3PL organizations
  • Automatically create multiple invoices based on daily shipment documents
    • Manifesting, small package carriers, pick ticket ranges or by customer PO
  • Manage import production through freight forwarding and customs, into your warehouse
  • Track domestic production from raw materials, cutting rooms, sewing factories into your warehouse
  • Create production orders automatically, based on demand or specific customer sales orders
  • Allocate sales orders based on priority, delivery requirements and/or several other variables against inventory and inbound shipments
  • Non-ship exceptions can be defined at a customer/order level
    • Confirmation hold, credit hold, etc.
  • Return authorization processing
  • Query tools to print or export to Excel, etc.
  • Optional automatic style number assignment
  • Flexible sales commission features, including tiered commission rates
  • Create “kits” or groups of assorted styles within one package
  • Manage customer, buyer, store, DC relationships
  • Import production, global allocation of shipping costs over multiple purchase orders


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