CAMS™ has launched on our newly updated, robust Cloud. You no longer need an on-site server to have CAMS™ software run your apparel business; we can help you grow your business on the Cloud from anywhere, at any time, from any internet-connected device. Contact us for details.

Our Solutions

ediApparel EDI – Electronic Data Interchange

CAMS™ has an extensive group of EDI trading partner specs for retail, factors and 3PL’s. All delivery formats are supported. We have over 25 years of experience in the EDI apparel software world to guide you through the process. Take advantage of the benefits of storing and manipulating data electronically without the cost of manual entry. Reduce human errors, such as shipping and billing errors, as EDI eliminates the need to rekey documents

  • Interchange formats include VICS, ANSI X12, AS2, flat files, FTP, API’s, etc. in accordance with trading partner specifications
  • Extensive library of documents to meet all major retailers’ requirements
  • Integration with all major Factors
  • Rely on our expertise to facilitate set up, testing and certification for trading partners
  • Seamless integration with CAMS™ ERP for inbound and outbound documents


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