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What type of server is required?

CAMS™ (ComputerCare Apparel Management System) runs in any windows environment, from large scale SQL servers to PC’s. You may also run CAMS™ in the Cloud.

Can you work on a MAC or a PC?

Yes, either environment provides an effective platform for CAMS™ to manage your apparel business.

We haven’t been successful with computer software in the past; why should we expect CAMS™ to work for us?

Award winning CAMS™ software has a proven track record with apparel companies like yours. You will be assigned an account manager who is responsible for your success, and will guide you through every step of the implementation process. CAMS™ is straightforward and simple to operate for users at all levels, yet offers sophisticated features that will manage all aspects of your business from PLM to Financials. Contact us today for a free demo to learn more.

Does your system support multiple locations?

Yes, whether it’s showrooms, warehouses, back offices, or sales reps in remote locations, CAMS™ integrates data and user access to facilitate communication among your team, regardless of their location.

What is the base price of your software?

CAMS™ is available in a range of affordable prices, depending upon your requirements; variables include number of locations, number of users and the volume of your business. CAMS™ may be customized to meet your requirements and is priced accordingly.

Is training included in your pricing?

Training for your staff is provided as part of system implementation. If there are new hires or requirements for additional training, we will provide a quote upon request.

How many users can access the system?

There are no limitations on users by the software. Server and network capacity will determine any limitations with regard to users.

Is there a fee for additional users?

CAMS™ uses tier- based pricing: 1-5 users, 6-10, 11-15, etc. Your quoted package price will be based in part on the number of users you require.

What can I expect for upgrades to the system?

CAMS™ does 2 major upgrades each year; all new applications and enhancements are provided at no charge to existing clients on our maintenance program.

How long does it take to get up and running?

CAMS™ is delivered complete and ready to go on day one. Fast track organizations have been up and running within weeks, while the average implementation takes approximately three months. This is largely dependent upon the time and effort the client places on training and implementation.