About CCI

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Company History

ComputerCare was founded in 1975 by Abe Landsberg, a tech-savvy finance executive in the apparel industry, who saw the need for an easy-to-use, highly functional ERP software system for companies in the fashion business. Over the course of just a few years, Abe had more than 90 clients using CAMS™ (ComputerCare Apparel Management System) the proprietary apparel software he developed.

As ComputerCare’s business grew and further systems development was required, Abe brought in Rick Graham and later Gerard Presepe to develop and expand their line of apparel industry software solutions, manage staff and service their growing client base.

Rick has a business and finance background and was the IT and Production Manager at a textile manufacturing company where Abe was installing CAMS™. Rick became so instrumental in converting this business to CAMS™, working so closely and effectively with Abe, that he was offered a partnership in ComputerCare.

Gerard has a mathematics and computer software background, and began his career as a cryptographic mathematician for the National Security Agency.  Realizing that his skills were better suited to a business environment, Abe immediately engaged Gerard to join his growing Team.

In 2003, Abe retired and Rick and Gerard assumed ownership. Today they run ComputerCare with a team of highly skilled analysts, programmers and customer support staff.


ComputerCare Today

ComputerCare is based in Monroe Township, New Jersey, just outside of Princeton. We are dedicated to helping fashion companies manage their businesses successfully.

Our mission is to serve the apparel industry with outstanding software solutions at an excellent value, while providing great service.

We’ve earned our reputation for excellence through extensive knowledge of the apparel industry, combined with our ability to perform on a timely basis, within budget.


Our Staff

With highly trained IT professionals, ComputerCare is uniquely skilled in all aspects of apparel and accessory manufacturing and distribution, software development, EDI, system design and implementation, supporting over 125 apparel importers and manufacturers.

This enables us to provide you not only with software expertise, but the skills and experience to help you develop and implement the procedures and processes necessary to successfully run your apparel business efficiently.

To see for yourself what CAMS™ fashion ERP software can do for your business, watch our demonstration video.

Please Contact Us to arrange a demonstration in your office, or, if you prefer, we’re happy to have you visit ours.